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Know what you’re paying before the bill comes.

Many 401(k) providers get the bulk of their revenue from the amount of money held in your plan. Meanwhile, as your 401(k) balance grows, so do the fees!

Express(k) is a flat fee 401(k) plan with transparent pricing so you’ll always know what you’re paying for what you’re getting. No hidden fees lurking in the pages of financial jargon.

There is an initial one-time plan setup fee of $495; from that point forward, your plan’s fees are based on the number of employees you have and any additional services you or your employees require from us. (See below for details.)

What kind of fees can I expect from my plan?

There are two standard categories of fees:

Flat fees

A flat fee is exactly that. You pay a simple flat fee based on the number of employees you have and the services you want. Ubiquity’s plans operate on a flat-fee basis that’s well-suited to the budget of the growing business.


Asset-based fees are based on the amount of money in your plan. The more money you have, the bigger the fee. Because we work exclusively with small businesses, our partners are sensitive to the prices they charge to select funds and manage investments for you and your employees.

Employer fees

Standard Plan Maintenance

One-time setup fee$495

Recurring fees

Number of employeesCost*
2 – 50$315 per quarter (or $1,260 per year)
51 – 100$450 per quarter (or $1,800 per year)
*Discounted if paid upfront for the year

Additional fees may apply:


Type of feeAmountFrequency
Convert from a pre-existing plan$1,000One-time
Extraordinary services$195Per hour
Plan termination$1,000One-time


Type of feeAmountFrequency
Distribution (withdrawal)$95Per occurrence
Borrow from your plan$90Annual (for the life of the loan)
Participant fee$4*Monthly
*$4 maximum, not to exceed 1% of participant’s annual balance

Renewal Policy and Disclosure: The initial term (term minimum) of this agreement is 18 months. After the initial 18-month term is met, services will automatically continue on a quarterly basis until the client requests the termination of these services. The client will experience a recurring quarterly charge, billed automatically to client’s credit card or other preferred method of payment. Terms, conditions, features, availability, pricing, fees, service and support options subject to change without notice. After the initial 18-month commitment, the client can discontinue services by contacting Ubiquity by calling 855.401.SALES (7253) or by e-mailing The client must provide notice of cancellation to Ubiquity sixty days prior to termination. Ubiquity will charge a $1,000 fee for the process of either terminating the client’s plan or assistance in transferring the client’s plan assets to another provider. This covers the cost of reporting, additional communication and processing. This fee is a standard fee within the 401(k) industry. For Ubiquity’s full termination policy, please click here.